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EC-1801   Arduino Atmel Attiny 45/85 Programmer/Prototype Duet

$15.99 CAD

No more switching jumper wires with this two-in-one programmer/prototype board. Simply slide the switch on top and you can select between an Arduino/Attiny 45/85 AVR programmer and a prototype board that connects to your own circuitry. You can program your Attiny AVR chip and test your prototype circuit with ease!

*Arduino board not included. Attiny AVR chip (EC-1885) sold separately.

EC-1885   Atmel Attiny 85 AVR Microcontroller

$1 .60 CAD

An 8-KB microcontroller with 6 I/O pins, 4 A/D converters (10-bit resolution), and a sampling rate of 20MHz. This small-size and low-cost AVR chip is ideal for controlling and data processing of compact devices. Compatible with EC-1801 Arduino Atmel Attiny 45/85 Programmer/Prototype Duet.

*The quarter-dollar coin shown in the picture is for size comparison only.


Voltage (Vcc/Vdd): 2.7 V - 5.5 V
Number of I/O: 6
A/D Converters: 4 (10-bit resolution)
PWM Outputs: 4
Program Memory Size: 8 KB
Program Memory Type: FLASH
EEPROM Size: 512 KB X 8
RAM Size: 512 KB X 8
Oscillator Type: Internal
Oscillator Frequency: 20 MHz
Package Type: 8-DIP

*Attiny85 Datasheet

EC-2005   UVC LED with Breakout Board Combo


UVC LED mounted on a breakout board readily to be integrated to your circuit. Ideal for carrying out sanitization or curing process for 3D printing.

*The quarter-dollar coin shown in the picture is for size comparison only.


Wavelength: 265 - 285 nm
Voltage: 6 - 8 V
Current (Max): 150 mA
Power Output (Max): 0.7 W
Optical Power: 10 - 15mW
View Angle: 120 degrees
Length X Width: 3.6 mm X 3.6 mm
Thickness: 1.62 mm
Breakout Board Length X Width: 12.9 mm X 7.6 mm
Breakout Board Thickness (excluding LED): 0.8 mm

*EC-2005 Datasheet

EC-2112   nRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver

$5.00 CAD

Compatible to a wide varity of microcontrollers including *Arduino and Raspberry Pi (see Example file below), this transceiver module operates in the 2.4GHz band with selectable baud rates from 250 kbps up to 2 Mbps. It can carry out radio communication of up to 100 m in range if the baud rate is set to the lower end. With the low standby and operating power consumption, it is ideal for carrying out drone remote control or telemetry applications.

*Price shown here is for one module only. You will need two modules to create a transmitter-receiver pair. You can buy additional modules to configure a single transmitter-multiple receivers setup.


Voltage: 1.9 - 3.6 V
Standby Current: 22 microA
Max Operating Current: 12.3 mA
Frequency Range: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz ISM Band
Data Rates (Baud): 250 Kbps/1 Mbps/2 Mbps
Logic inputs: 5 V (nominal)
Range: up to 100 m (open space @250 Kbps) Length X Width: 29 mm X 15 mm
Thickness: 1.16 mm
Thickness (including crystal on top): 4.66 mm
Height of Header Pins (including plastic footing): 8.64 mm

*Setup Instructions

*General Microcontroller Pin Layout

*Example file (nRF24_AnalogIn_Test.ino): Sending analog (e.g. sensor) signal from the transmitter module to the receiver module

EV-1602   CitySpur II


Our second generation PEV with more compact and slicker designs. It still holds the world's highest horsepower to weight ratio for an in-production 2WD portable electric vehicle. We only use genuine brand products to ensure the highest-quality standard is upheld. CitySpur II is the world's first portable electric vehicle that allows both clutch control and regenerative braking with our patented freewheeling drivetrain design. Unlike other portable electric vehicles that are driven by a single wheel, the CitySpur II is driven by two wheels simultaneously so traction and stability are always maintained. You can ride on virtually any road conditions (sidewalks, brick roads, inclined roads, and even unpaved roads). With its tremendous torque and well-balanced traction, the CitySpur is capable of carrying a 200-lb rider up a 20% gradient slope with ease!


Weight: 14.5 lbs
Maximum Payload: 220 lbs
Maximum Speed: 19 mph (30 kph)
Maximum Range: 10+ miles
Maximum Gradient: 20% (12 deg)
Peak Power: 3700 W (5 hp)
Specific Power: 0.35 hp/lb
Nominal Power Consumption: 12.9 W-h/mile
Braking System: Duel 2-Ch Independent Regenerative Braking
Modes of Operation: 2 (Training Mode/Expert Mode)
Battery System: 110 W-h rechargeable Lithium battery with low-voltage alarm
Battery Charging Time: Within 180 mins
Board Compatibility: Any top-mount board with a length between 32" and 42"
Trucks: Randal
Wheels: 75 mm Orangatang Durian

PT-1811   Reduction Gearmotor + Magnetic Encoder + Controller Combo

Reduction Gear Ratio

Compact and powerful gearmotor that comes with a quadrature magnetic encoder to provide both position and direction feedback. Each gearmotor comes with a compatible motor controller board.

PT-2005   Solar Motor

$5.95 CAD

An original precious metal-brush DC motor from Mabuchi Motor Co. This low-current consumption with small cogging torque effect motor has one of the lowest motor speed constants (Kv) in its class. It is ideal for solar-power, fuel cell, and wind turbine generator applications.

*The quarter-dollar coin shown in the picture is for size comparison only.


Diameter: 1 inches
Length: 9/16 inch
Shaft (Dia. X Length): 1/16 inch X 3/8 inch
Voltage: 1.5 - 9 V
Current (No-load): 22 mA
Current (@Max Efficiency): 85 mA
Current (Stall): 290 mA
Output (Max): 0.11 W
Torque (Stall): 3.92 mN-m
Torque (@Max Efficiency): 0.78 mN-m
Speed (No-load): 1900 RPM
Speed (@Max Efficiency): 1460 RPM
Wire Leads Length: 5 inches

*PT-2005 Datasheet (Detailed Dimensions)